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Back Pain

Back pain is an especially common problem for many individuals, regardless of age. Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why pain in the back can occur, which can often makes it challenging to determine the underlying cause of the problem. For those who are located in the NYC area and who find themselves dealing with chronic or acute discomfort, Dr. Alex Eingorn is here to provide all-natural, holistic care.

While lower back pain can have a number of causes, some of the most common include disc herniations and arthritis, two issues that can often be addressed through the use of chiropractic care. In the case of arthritis, the cartilage of the body becomes damaged and wears down, leaving the bones of the joints to rub against each other. This can cause mild to severe pain that can worsen with time. In fact, if left untreated, this disease can cause significant problems, including misalignments of the vertebrae. This brings us to herniations.

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Back Pain Consultation New York NY – Dr. Alex Eingorn

A disc herniation is another issue that commonly affects the spine. Injury or weakness in the joints can lead to herniations, which consist of leaking of the inner material of the vertebrae into the surrounding space leading to pressure on the surrounding nerves and subsequent pain. Both of these issues can exist separately or together in an individual, which makes speedy therapy necessary to both the comfort of the patient and also their overall, long-term health.

Regardless of the cause of the lower back pain, there’s no denying that it can cause significant pain that can drastically limit one’s range of motion and ability to participate in daily activities they once enjoyed. Not only can it prevent an individual from participating in sports and other physical activities, but it can also drastically reduce mobility and make even small and seemingly mundane movements painful.

There are many conditions that Dr. Eingorn can treat successfully with all natural methods. He works to eliminate back and neck pain, migraines, herniated discs, autoimmune conditions, and more. These common discomforts can become debilitating over time if not treated properly and ruin your quality of life. But, look no further than Better Health Chiropractic PC for answers on how to live a pain free, higher quality of life.

At Better Health Chiropractic, Dr. Alex Eingorn D.C. will address whatever issue you may have holistically and work on a deeper level to try and understand the various aspects of life that are impacting your health and wellness in a negative way. His expertise in spinal decompression, spinal alignment and other holistic, all natural treatments will have you feeling good in no time.

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Back Pain Treatments NYC - Dr. Alex Eingorn Better Health Chiropractic PC - Call (646) 553-1884
Back Pain Treatments NYC – Dr. Alex Eingorn Better Health Chiropractic PC – Call (646) 553-1884

How Dr. Eingorn Treats Back Pain

At Better Health Chiropractic, Dr. Alex Eingorn offers state-of-the-art treatments and techniques to help individuals combat physical pain and even emotional turmoil such as that involved in depression and anxiety. He believes that physical and mental health are intricately entwined and that by focusing on one’s overall wellness, true, lasting healing is made possible.

Dr. Eingorn works with many patients who are experiencing pain for a number of reasons, from injury to body position during early pregnancy. These, along with herniations and similar problems, lead to misalignments in the vertebrae of the spine which can cause pain and other problems that require immediate treatment.

As a detailed chiropractor, Alex Eingorn D.C. believes in conducting thorough consultations prior to treatment in order to properly diagnose the problem. By conducting a thorough examination and requiring each patient to complete a comprehensive questionnaire, Dr. Eingorn is able to form a complete picture of a person’s personal and family medical history as well as current symptoms. Not only this, but his detailed approach ensures that he is also able to better understand the individual’s emotional state as well as any environmental factors that may be influencing the patient’s health and wellbeing. Once the initial part of the consultation is complete, Dr. Eingorn is often able to make a diagnosis on the spot. Once done, potential remedies can be discussed.

When it comes to pain in the back, Dr. Eingorn has found great success in providing patients with relief through the use of spinal decompression and adjustment. By using state-of-the-art technology, namely the DRX9000, Dr. Eingorn has been able to help many patients realign their vertebrae, relieve pinched nerves and experience relief. This computerized device acts to target the affected vertebrae and essentially push and pull the spine in a gentle manner so as to correct misalignments and promote healing.

At the chiropractic clinic, Dr. Eingorn founded Better Health Chiropractic, core services revolve around chiropractic care because all of the systems are impacted by what is happening in this central area of the body, the spine. The spine is “our core,” and is often negatively impacted by the way we live a modern life. From how you walk, exercise, or eat, to weight gain weight or spending too many hours at a desk, joints become misaligned. Before long the surrounding muscle tissue, and eventually your whole system is negatively affected.

Medically, chiropractic care is known for restoring proper alignment and free and full motion to your joints, especially the many areas of the spine. This, in turn, maximizes the proper functioning of the central nervous system and the flow of blood and healing fluids. Issues such as neck and back pain, joint pain, headaches, muscular imbalances and/or muscle spasms, even body coordination, can be corrected or healed by chiropractic adjustments by a knowledgeable practitioner like Dr. Eingorn.

Stress, poor nutrition, or lack of exercise can also impact your overall health by putting a strain on your immune system. Dr. Eingorn offers many additional treatment options that involve the rejuvenation of your body, including detoxification methods, activities for improved muscle tone, and methods of meditation and therapies that can help you regain your balance and become more centered. The positive effect this has on your energy, health, and quality of life cannot be overstated.

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Back Pain NYC – New Patient Consultation at Better Health Chiropractic PC – Call (646) 553-1884

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Dr. Eingorn’s results speak for themselves as the countless patient testimonials can attest. The solutions that he offers are a result of over 25 years of research and experience, and his helpful guidance when it comes to diet and exercise goes a long way toward helping patients get on the path to real, lasting healing.

As a Harvard-trained provider, he utilizes an integrative and cooperative approach to care, which means he goes above and beyond to incorporate both modern and holistic methods as well as the valued input of both his patients and their primary care providers. His ultimate goal is always to ensure the improved health of his patients, and he believes that by including general practitioners and the patients themselves in therapeutic decisions, he can better care for the overall health and wellbeing of his patients.

If you’re interested in learning more about the services provided by Dr. Eingorn at his office, don’t wait; give us a call today to have your questions answered and to schedule a consultation at our welcoming practice.