Can a Herniated Disc Heal Without Surgery?

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What is a herniated disc?

Disc herniation occurs when the very tough, but flexible ring that surrounds a thick gelatinous center becomes damaged leading to bulges and/or ruptures. While herniated discs do not always necessarily cause symptoms, they are usually and often quite painful. Some of the most common symptoms associated with disc herniation include weakness, numbness, and pain in the lower back, buttocks, and legs.

Non-surgical treatments for disc herniation

In most cases, herniations will resolve on their own or with the help of non surgical treatments, such as non surgical lumbar disc decompression and chiropractic and other adjunctive therapies and treatments. Typically a few weeks of treatment will resolve the issue without the need for invasive surgery.

Herniated Disc Surgical Options - Better Health Chiropractic
Herniated Disc Surgical Options – Better Health Chiropractic

Non surgical lumbar disc decompression and chiropractic treatments are both considered quite effective and can often be used in conjunction with pain medications, natural supplements and physical therapy to achieve the desired results. Dr. Eingorn, like many physicians, also focuses on helping patients to develop healthy diet and exercise regimens to achieve and maintain a healthy spine.

Usually surgery will not be considered if improvements are seen within four weeks of the start of treatment. Patients of Dr. Eingorn are fortunate in that his expertise in non-surgical treatments is well known, and many of his patients have reported fast, long-lasting results. The healing of a herniation requires the material within the disc to be resorbed thus relieving the pain. Relatively fast results usually indicate that the body will be willing and eager to heal without surgical treatment.

When will surgery be considered?

Surgical herniated disc treatments may be recommended by Dr. Eingorn if you are experiencing significant pain that is interfering with your daily life and activities or if your symptoms do not begin to improve after a few treatments weeks. If your symptoms continue to worsen, surgery may be the best option for you. Additionally, if you’re willing and able to go through the lengthy rehabilitation process following your surgery, you may be able to get the results you seek through surgical methods.

Types of surgeries

There are a couple of surgeries that may be recommended if you’re dealing with chronic low back pain that does not seem to be alleviated through non-surgical methods. The most common types of surgery include:

Discectomy: the removal of material that is placing pressure on the spine or nerve root. This type of surgery is ideal for those who have significant sciatica and can often be done with a very small incision.
Percutaneous Discectomy: removes pressure-causing material through the use of a special tool that is inserted through a tiny incision.
Laminotomy: removes part of the vertebrae known as the lamina in order to relieve age-related spinal pressure.
Laminectomy: removes almost all of the lamina or thickened tissue surrounding the spine.

Sometimes multiple surgeries can be performed at the same time. After the surgery, a tailored rehab program will be recommended, which will typically include exercises and physical therapy.

Does surgery help?

Surgical herniated disc treatment for low back pain can work quite well for many individuals and can sometimes lead to a complete elimination of all symptoms. Studies have been done that have shown that many people who pursue surgery during the first six months of experiencing symptoms are more likely to have a satisfactory end result. However, surgery is certainly not for everyone, especially if the individual has a very physically demanding job. In cases such as these, those who undergo surgery will likely have to wait a full three months before returning to work.

herniated disc surgical treatment better health chiropractic nyc 01
Herniated Disc Surgical Treatment – Better Health Chiropractic PC NYC

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