The Importance of an Aligned Spine

Spine Alignment NYC - Aligning the Spine - Dr. Alex Eingorn

Dr. Alex Eingorn is a Manhattan chiropractor at Better Health Chiropractic. In this short video Dr. Eingorn discusses the importance of having an aligned spine that functions properly.

Q: Why is it important to have an aligned spine?

A: Well, having an aligned spine is like having a perfectly tuned keyboard. If everything is in line and working properly, the body can work properly. If something is misaligned, the body is not going to work properly. The muscles are going to pull in an uneven way. The nerves are not going to communicate properly between the brain and the body. As I said, I always make this comparison. A perfectly aligned spine is like a perfectly tuned keyboard. If your F-sharp is not in tune, you can’t play a concert.

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