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Numbness in the Legs

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Numbness in the Legs

At Better Health Chiropractic, Dr. Alex Eingorn DC has significant experience treating patients who are experiencing numbness in legs. While this problem can be due to a number of causes, it’s not uncommon for the issue to be the result of a disc herniation in the cervical spine. In fact, many of the patients that Dr. Eingorn treats come to him to determine the causes of numbness in the legs only to find the problem lies further from their legs than they might think.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Numbness in the Legs NYC - Dr. Alex Eingorn
Chiropractic Adjustments for Numbness in the Legs NYC – Dr. Alex Eingorn

There are a number of problems that can lead to numbness. These include: nerve damage and injury, lack of blood supply or poor circulation, vitamin deficiencies, pressure on the nerves due to tumors or scar tissue, poor posture, and disc herniations.

When it comes to disc herniations and issues with the cervical spine, no one can provide better guidance and treatments than Dr. Eingorn, a chiropractor who has over two decades of experience offering solutions to spinal issues and discomfort.

When a herniation occurs, the inner materials within the vertebrae bulge and leak out of the space, leading to pressure on the surrounding nerves. It is this pressure that then goes on to cause discomfort and, in this case, numbness in the surrounding areas. In order to treat this problem, Dr. Eingorn offers chiropractic adjustments and spinal manipulation that serves to realign the vertebrae and relieve pressure on the nearby nerves.

If you’re experiencing numbness in legs due to back pain, don’t wait another day; a solution exists that might be able to provide you with the relief you seek without the need for invasive procedures and problematic medications. Dr. Eingorn is committed to his patients, and he will do all he can to uncover the root cause of the pain and provide you with healing.

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How Dr. Eingorn Treats Numbness in the Legs

When you experience lower back pain or numbness, it can be hard to find the underlying problem, but Dr. Eingorn has years of experience doing just this. He provides patients with a comprehensive consultation that includes an in-depth questionnaire of both current symptoms as well as past personal and family medical history. He then conducts a thorough examination that incorporates basics such as vital signs as well as more specific items such as discomfort and range of motion.

chiropractic adjustment numbness legs NYC
Chiropractic Adjustment for Numbness in the Legs – Better Health Chiropractic

By performing such a detailed evaluation and taking into consideration information provided by a patient’s primary care physician, Dr. Eingorn is often able to make a diagnosis right away. However, it’s important to note that some cases require more in-depth analysis, such as blood tests or an MRI. When needed, Dr. Eingorn takes all of the steps necessary to ensure that an accurate clinical diagnosis is made.

Once Dr. Eingorn has determined the existing problem that is causing the numbness, Dr. Eingorn will discuss your treatment options with you. His ultimate goal is to ensure that you’re able to move forward pain-free, and his adjustment therapies can be a phenomenal way to address herniations as well as subsequent pinched nerves. Through the use of the modern chiropractic techniques, Dr. Eingorn is able to offer patients specifc adjustment that gently manipulate the spine so as to correct herniations and relieve pressure on the nerves. Many patients remark on the effectiveness of this method and have been able to experience relief following this therapy.

chiropractic consultation numbness legs NYC
Chiropractic Consultation for Numbness in Legs – Dr. Alex Eingorn – Better Health Chiropractic

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If you’ve been experiencing chronic numbness in your legs or you’ve just begun feeling some numbness along with back pain or other discomfort, don’t wait to schedule an appointment with Dr. Eingorn. For over 25 years, Dr. Alex Eingorn has been providing top-notch care to patients throughout the NYC area.

Whether you’re new to chiropractic care or you’re looking for a new provider who can offer you modern, holistic methods that yield real results, you’ve come to the right place at Better Health Chiropractic. Dr. Eingorn’s integrative and cooperative approach to medicine is sure to provide real results, and you can’t find a more compassionate or caring provider.

Both Dr. Eingorn and his staff are dedicated to patient wellness and health, and we’re confident that you’ll feel at home and welcome at our clinic. To schedule a consultation or to have your questions answered, give our office a call today during our convenient office hours.