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Alex Eingorn, DC is a highly respected leader in the chiropractic and holistic healing community in New York who knows what is required to achieve total health and wellness. His life and practice are dedicated to sharing that knowledge with his patients.

Our bodies naturally strive toward health. All of our systems work together to keep our organs functioning efficiently, our blood clean, our immune system robust and our bones strong. However, chiropractic doctors understand that our systems can’t work at peak efficiency when the core structure isn’t properly aligned.

Injury, stress, too many hours at a desk, staring at screens, poor posture, these are just a few of the ways the central body structure, the spinal system, and joints, can become compromised and shift out of place. This immediately begins to impact the central nervous system, the surrounding tendons and muscles and even our major organs. At Better Health Chiropractic PC Dr. Eingorn can perform spinal decompression and conduct a complete spine alignment to provide relief for back pain, neck, pain, shoulder pain, migraines and much more.

As an experienced chiropractor, Dr. Eingorn understands that a good core structure is not the only ingredient to good health. We live in a society where the expected pace is “constantly on the go,” and it is common to suffer from things like migraines, poor nutrition, weight gain, poor sleep or constant discomforts such as pain in the knees, hip, back, or joints due to stress. Because we are driven, busy and under pressure, what starts as a discomfort can quickly become a serious issue we try to “live with,” instead of seeking help.

Meet Alex Eingorn, NYC Chiropractor

Dr. Eingorn has studied the human body and its systems for over 30 years. He knows where to seek the root causes, the misalignments in the body structure, that lead to big problems with pain, discomfort or serious illness. Because all of the systems in our body interact, even a minor adjustment at Better Health Chiropractic PC can have a surprising result and bring all around relief.

His extensive training at Harvard Medical School, which included chiropractic training, has grown over the past three decades as he continues to learn more and more about chiropractic treatment, but also many other forms of holistic medicine. He has founded this chiropractic clinic where there is a blended approach that includes analysis and treatment of nutrition, toxicity, and emotional and spiritual balance, as well as traditional medicine.

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Better Living Through Proper Alignment

Dr. Eingorn is committed to stopping the endless cycle of “live with it,” and will work with you diligently until your issues are resolved. As a skilled medical doctor, but also a caring chiropractor, he assesses conditions like joint pain, stiffness, fatigue, back pain, muscle aches and more. Often, the cause is a misalignment in the spine or in one of your joints.

All of these are issues that can overlap and work in conjunction with misalignment of the spine to create serious health problems. Dr. Eingorn will work with you to ensure that all of the essential elements of better health are being addressed.

It is a little-known fact that the systems in our bodies may lose up to 60% of their normal function before symptoms present themselves. That’s BIG. And, it proves how important it is to treat even minor discomforts as early as possible.

The central nervous system is the primary system of the body. It controls much of what goes on, from digestion and cleansing blood to communicating pain or sensory information. The core of our nervous system operates in the spinal column. This complex system of nerves controls many of our bodily functions. Understanding this, it is not hard to imagine how a misalignment in the spine can, in turn, cause a problem with the nervous system, and travel quickly to cause a problem in another part of the body.

A healthy spine properly aligned means more than good posture and living without pain, it means allowing the central nervous system and our blood flow to operate at peak efficiency so that all of the other systems and organs do their jobs well. This is truly the path to healing and wellness.

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If you have ever been tempted to give up, convinced that a condition or ailment will never really go away, then consider a visit to Better Health Chiropractic. Call Dr. Alex Eingorn at 212-956-5920 and benefit from his decades of experience at restoring health, naturally.

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