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Robin Galaskewicz, AET

Areas of Expertise:

Alignment & Exercise Therapist / Personal Trainer

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If you are experiencing pain, discomfort or extreme immobility due to pain or injury you will benefit greatly from postural alignment sessions with Robin Galaskweicz. Robin, who graduated from Penn State/Lock Haven in 2002 in Kinesiology, is also an Accredited Exercise Therapist (AET) specializing in the Egoscue Method, and is a graduate of Egoscue University.

Robin’s expertise stems from years working as a personal trainer and exercise therapist. Robin has had the distinction of working with Olympic Gold medalist Tom Dolan and Olympian Ted Corbitt, known as the “Father of Long Distance Running.” He is also a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Over the years experienced athletes and ordinary folks have benefitted from Robin’s compassionate and focused attention to their movement and his recommendations regarding postural alignment. Having learned how to move properly, Robin’s clients are now enjoying athletic activities, training sessions and every day physical movement pain-free.


Medical doctors tend to treat muscle strain, joint or tendon problems by prescribing painkillers or muscle relaxants. While there is nothing wrong with relieving the discomfort, these solutions don’t treat the root causes of pain and injury.

Robin Galasweicz is fully certified in the Egoscue method, an approach that analyzes muscle, tendon, and joints to determine where the body is out of balance and moving in a way that causes misalignment. Robin, using the Egoscue method, has helped thousands of people avoid injury resulting from intense training or physical activity.

He helps patients focus on training and strengthening their muscles, tendons and their spine so that they will learn to move with perfect postural alignment. More people suffer from postural dysfunction than you might think. According to Peter Egoscue, the founder of this method, the misalignment of joints and poor posture is what leads to moving in an imbalanced way, which causes most of the debilitating conditions we experience.

Egoscue practitioners like Robin can help you incorporate deep stretching that reactivates and strengthens muscles and tendons. Using specific exercises, patients learn to move the way the body is designed to, with perfect posture. This allows you to enjoy physical exertion, training and exercise, without pain or injury.

Robin knows from personal experience that chronic pain affects all areas of life, your work, relationships, your studies, even your sleep can be disrupted. His philosophy is simple. Those who enjoy sports, fitness training and physical activity should be allowed to enjoy them free from pain and discomfort.


As a college track and cross country athlete, Robin experienced debilitating knee, lower back, neck and shoulder pain. He tore a hip flexor muscle, experienced trouble with his meniscus (in the knee) and injured his Achilles tendon. To top it all off, he dislocated a shoulder while weight training. Running became nearly impossible. Robin saw several physicians and was told by all of them he might never run again.

Refusing to give up his beloved sport, he sought answers beyond the painkillers and muscle relaxants prescribed by the doctors. He came across the book “Pain-Free,” by Peter Egoscue, and it changed his life forever. Within six months of incorporating the Egoscue method, Robin was running pain-free. It has been 11 years, and now, as a certified Egoscue practitioner, his mission is to help others enjoy physical activity, sports and fitness training, free from pain and discomfort.

Through simple, targeted exercises and postural therapy, Robin can help you achieve perfect postural alignment and be pain and injury free. Schedule a consultation with Robin Galasweicz by calling Better Health Chiropractic PC at 212-956-5920 today.

Dmitry Petrychenko, MD

Areas of Expertise:

Pain Manageemnt, Anesthesiology

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Dr. Dmitri Petrychenko is a fully licensed medical doctor and a caring practitioner with over 20 years of experience in healing and pain management. He is affiliated with New York Community Hospital and is proud to be participating as a partner in the Better Health Chiropractic, a holistic health and medical clinic in New York City.

Understanding how debilitating pain can be, Dr. Petrychenko has made it his life’s mission to explore how to successfully treat chronic pain. Studies have shown that chronic pain can inhibit our body’s ability to heal itself and ruins the quality of life for patients who experience it.

Dr. Petrychenko uses PRP therapy, known as platelet-rich therapy, to take advantage of the healing properties in blood to help alleviate pain and treat disease, especially those thought to be related to inflammation.

With PRP, healthy blood, made up of largely you own cells, is injected and circulates to fix damaged bone, cartilage, strained muscles or injured ligaments and tendons. This is, in essence, is a form of STEM cell therapy. As a long-time, practicing medical doctor, Dr. Petrychenko has closely followed the development of this version of stem cell treatment and has found it to be an effective, safe way to eliminate chronic pain and promote healing and recovery in his patients.

Thanks to his many years of experience treating all kinds of medical conditions, Dr. Petrychenko has the deep understanding and breadth of knowledge to know exactly how to treat your condition with this PRP method using this innovative treatment option.


As many as one in five individuals in the world suffer from moderate to severe pain. Chronic pain is considered to be any pain that lasts beyond 12 weeks.

Anyone who has experienced chronic pain would agree that it negatively impacts every aspect of your life. It can cause insomnia and depression, fatigue, and limit your ability to participate in normal physical activity. For those who are ill, this kind of pain can lead to more serious conditions and reduce your body’s ability to heal itself.

Patients of Dr. Petrychenko suffer from chronic pain related to arthritis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Leukemia, stroke, and myocardial infarctions. They have all experienced relief thanks to his PRP treatments and compassionate care.

PRP is an injection of healthy platelets, used to address and treat pain that has been unresponsive to other types of medication. It has also been known to reduce additional symptoms, especially inflammation, joint stiffness and the inability to get restorative sleep.

The healing injections that Dr. Petrychenko uses are extracted from your blood, but from different areas depending on your condition. Platelets from bone marrow are wonderful for promoting tissue regeneration. Adipose tissue produces platelets that are rich in cells that are extremely effective at regulating and maintaining a strong immune system and can work as an anti-inflammatory.

In other cases, platelets drawn from cord blood boosts and supports tissue regeneration. And finally, human umbilical cord tissue is rich in mesenchymal. These stem cells great at promoting tissue regeneration, tissue repair and boosting the body’s anti-inflammatory capabilities.


All too often patients do not respond to traditional treatments, or they find that traditional medical treatments do not alleviate inflammation or chronic pain enough that they can function and live life normally. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are an effective option that can finally provide them with healing and a release from chronic pain.

Dr. Petrychenko is a partner at Better Health Chiropractic PC and can perform PRP therapy right here in our office. This is a wonderful way to find relief from chronic pain and promote healing of disease, especially those related to inflammation or tissue degeneration.

His PRP therapies use extractions drawn from your own platelets. The injections offer a safe and effective way to reduce inflammation, heal injured tissue and promote the growth of new healthy tissue. Too often, big pharma treatment options cause too many side effects and tend to severely impact your system. In many cases, it may feel like the medical solution does more harm than good.

PRP treatment should never be used in lieu of traditional medical recommendations made by your doctor. However, it can be extremely effective at promoting healing and eliminating chronic pain. You can use your body’s natural defense in a powerful way and fight off disease and inflammation with PRP therapy from Dr. Petrychenko.

Call Dr. Petrychenko today at 212-956-5920 for a consultation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about PRP and how your own stem cells can be used to treat chronic pain and inflammation.

Alexander Zide, L.Ac., L.M.T.

Areas of Expertise:

Shiatsu-Tuina / Acupuncture / Detoxification

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Alexander Zide, L.A.c., L.M.T. is a health practitioner who has been studying holistic healing for over two decades. As a graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York, Alexander is a highly trained, excellent acupuncturist. His first certification was in massage therapy, having graduated from the world renown Swedish Institute.

Passionate about the healing arts, Alexander has spent the last twenty years studying alongside some of the best practitioners, seeking to bring balance and harmony to his patients through acupuncture. This ancient practice is more suitable and relevant than ever, due to the pace and stress of modern life.

Disease and pain, more often than not, can be traced back to stress and the impact it has on our physical selves. Stress elevates our blood pressure, upsets our hormone balance, and causes us to lose sleep, gain weight, and suffer from mental health issues. Acupuncture is a proven method to relieve stress and treat all of these conditions and more.

Alexander Zide is one of the best practitioners in the Tri-State area of acupuncture and massage therapy, having studied the human body and the process of healing through both Eastern and Western lenses. He is also a practitioner of Scenar therapy, and can also guide patients in managing diet and nutrition, breathing and postural re-integration to ensure complete and long-term healing.


Patients of Alexander have benefited from his expertise in all natural healing and have found renewed energy, better blood circulation, more fluid movement in the joints, relief from sore muscles and a reduction in inflammation. Even traditional medical practitioners would agree that the results described above are positive contributors to physical and mental health.

Some of the common conditions known to respond to acupuncture include musculoskeletal problems, such as arthritis, tendonitis; high blood pressure; digestive issues, such as IBS and constipation and reproductive and menstrual issues. Acupuncture is also known to relieve the pain of all types, especially migraines, neuralgia or circulatory issues that can cause restricted blood flow to the organs and extremities.

Alexander’s massage therapy techniques stem from Shiatsu and Tuina, both eastern practices developed in China. Alexander’s version of massage emphasizes the correct alignment of bones and the correct positioning of joints, tendons and muscles. This is another way to clear the meridians for your Qi to flow freely.

Acupuncture and massage therapy are powerful methods to treat many conditions, including infertility, the symptoms of menopause and immune system dysfunction. Alexander can also treat conditions that lead to mental health issues, such as insomnia and the negative physical effects of stress and anxiety in the body.

Many of Alexander’s clients also find that treatments can help them better manage weight loss and lower their blood pressure. He is also able to ease the symptoms and side effects of other medical treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapies through acupuncture.


Alexander Zide is a holistic practitioner who believes in preventative, healing practices that rely first and foremost on natural forms of treatment.

Eastern practitioners have understood for centuries that our bodies have an energy force, called Qi. Our physical, mental and spiritual health relies on Qi flowing freely, so our systems can maintain balance and work efficiently. A stressful lifestyle and poor habits can block your meridians, the pathways the Qi uses to flow throughout the body.

Acupuncture uses the insertion of thin needles, about the thickness of a piece of hair, into these meridians to open them back up. This frees up the flow of your Qi, and allows it to deliver healing to your muscles, joints, tendons, organs and circulatory system. Your immune system is strengthened and inflammation disappears.

Alexander is an expert acupuncturist who can determine where your Qi is blocked, the harm it is causing, and where to insert the acupuncture needles to open the gateways back up. Patients experience a renewed energy, and relief from pain, stiffness and the elimination of negative emotional energy. All of this contributes to healing overall.

Call Better Health Chiropractic PC today at 212-956-5920 to schedule an appointment with Alexander Zide and discover how acupuncture and massage therapy can lead you to better physical, mental and spiritual health.

Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD

Areas of Expertise:

Internal Medicine

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Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko is a licensed medical doctor and general practitioner that believes in individualized attention for patients seeking treatment for illness, or preventative care. As an internist, Dr. Alexeyenko is trained to diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of conditions and illnesses common in adults. He is focused on establishing long-term relationships with his patients, working hard to ensure that they receive excellent health care throughout their lives.

As an experienced medical practitioner, Dr. A. can diagnose symptoms and pinpoint why you are experiencing them. Shortness of breath, abdominal pain, back pain, chest pains, there are a variety of symptoms that can be triggered by a long list of diseases. As an investigative internist, Dr. A. has the medical knowledge required to accurately determine what the cause is in your case, and recommend the proper course of treatment.

Internists must rely on important tests to assess the status of your health, and get as much information about the internal workings of your body. Organ function is important to look at, as well as blood counts, heart rate, blood pressure, and other tests. Like a medical detective, Dr. A will also ask lots of questions about your lifestyle, habits and your full list of symptoms, so he can make a firm diagnosis.

Dr. A believes in recommending all-natural treatment options whenever possible but will rely on medical treatments including prescribed drugs if he believes it will be the fastest and most effective way to treat your condition.


Dr. Alexeychenko is the trusted primary caregiver for many New York City residents. His goal is to work with patients on preventative care, encouraging all of the routine screenings and evaluations that can reassure you that all is well. If there is an issue, these important screenings allow for early detection and quick treatment options that can heal you right away.

The most common conditions that bring people in to visit are stomach and digestive tract issues, flu or cold viruses, respiratory issues, broken bones or torn muscles, allergic reactions, skin conditions and more. There is really no limit to the types of illnesses that Dr. Alexeychenko has experience in evaluating and treating.

Dr. Alexeychenko’s primary goal is to keep his patients healthy and feeling good. To accomplish this he may discuss unhealthy choices or habits you might have, and connect you with information and resources that will support you in making better decisions. From improving your diet and losing weight to quitting smoking, Dr. Alexeychenko loves seeing his patients less often, because it indicates that they are taking better care of themselves!

No matter how hard we work at staying healthy, everyone gets sick now and then. It’s reassuring to have a caring, compassionate physician who is always available to provide relief and healing. From cold and flu viruses to a broken bone, to serious heart trouble, Dr. Alexeychenko is the experienced medical doctor you want on your team as you work your way back to health.


Internists like Dr. Alexeychenko have an intimate knowledge of all the major systems and organs in the body. He can diagnose and treat acute or chronic illnesses in his private office and can visit and treat patients who require hospitalization. The only service an internist does not provide is surgery.

Dr. Alexeychenko is a knowledgeable partner that believes in collaborating with patients and guiding them through the process of becoming and staying, healthy. He is committed to ensuring that each of his patients gets personalized care. A licensed physician, he has over 20 years of experience in treating all kinds of conditions and diseases.

He is highly skilled in the management of conditions that are multi-system, that is, those that affect multiple organs or systems at the same time. An example of this is diabetes, a condition that affects the blood, the nervous system, the eyes and feet, and of course, the kidney. He is specially trained to conduct examinations, assess your symptoms and determine the best course of action to heal you, especially if it co-exists with other issues. Sometimes referred to as a “doctor’s doctor,” Dr. Alexeychenko. is often called upon to serve as a consultant by other physicians who need help solving puzzling diagnostic problems.

Dr. Alexeychenko is an M.D. who takes healing his patients very seriously. Call for your first consultation with Dr. Vladimir Alexeychenko by phoning 212-956-5920, and finally, find that primary care physician who truly cares about you and your health.