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Dr. Alex Eingorn at Better Health Chiropractic PC PC is a highly trained chiropractic practitioner with a deep respect for medical science who has spent his medical career incorporating holistic methods of healing into his practice. As a chiropractor, he has been a pioneer here in New York City in this integrative approach to medicine which is gaining national recognition as a broader, safer and effective form of treatment.

There is a long list of conditions that are treatable with experienced chiropractic care, including migraines, joint stiffness or joint pain, back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain. Others may suffer from limited movement, and can’t properly lift their arms, or walk without stiffness or pain. Chiropractic treatments can be the simplest and most natural solution to resolving these troubling issues.

There are many common complaints that are triggered by the spine not being properly aligned. In addition, these misalignments of the spine can impact the central nervous system and block or confuse important information that is sent throughout our system. Misalignments in your skeletal core can affect digestion, heart regulation, cleansing of the blood, and more. In addition, common ailments triggered by stress can compromise your immune system, or cause muscles to tighten into painful knots.

There are many conditions that Dr. Eingorn can treat successfully with all natural methods. He works to eliminate back and neck pain, migraines, herniated discs, autoimmune conditions, and more. These common discomforts can become debilitating over time if not treated properly and ruin your quality of life. But, look no further than Better Health Chiropractic PC for answers on how to live a pain-free, higher quality of life.

At Better Health Chiropractic, Dr. Alex Eingorn will address whatever issue you may have holistically and work on a deeper level to try and understand the various aspects of life that are impacting your health and wellness in a negative way. His expertise in spinal decompression, spinal alignment and other holistic, all natural treatments will have you feeling good in no time.

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Meet Dr. Alex Eingorn

The most important factor of your health is who you choose as your practitioner/partner to achieve health and wellness. A positive, collaborative relationship with the doctor is essential. This is one area in which Dr. Eingorn excels. He has built Better Health Chiropractic PC to be a different, unique practice that contradicts the “factory” approach. Here there are no long wait times, short visits, and big bills for services you don’t understand.

Instead, Dr. Eingorn believes in building relationships with his patients. He will invest in getting to know you, and build a caring healthy relationship built on trust and integrity.

Dr. Eingorn works with patients to determine both the internal and external causes for their ailments. He speaks multiple languages and for decades has studied and practiced the healing aspects of yoga and martial arts in addition to chiropractic care and traditional medicine.

He has demonstrated his commitment to chiropractic care and the health field by serving as a member of the NY Chiropractic Council and the Medical Reserve Corps. He was also a first responder on September 11th. He continues to study the latest research in medicine and holistic healing methods so that he can provide the most current, and whenever possible, the most natural treatment options.

At the chiropractic clinic, Dr. Eingorn founded Better Health Chiropractic, core services revolve around chiropractic care because all of the systems are impacted by what is happening in this central area of the body, the spine. The spine is “our core,” and is often negatively impacted by the way we live a modern life. From how you walk, exercise, or eat, to weight gain weight or spending too many hours at a desk, joints become misaligned. Before long the surrounding muscle tissue, and eventually your whole system is negatively affected.

Medically, chiropractic care is known for restoring proper alignment and free and full motion to your joints, especially the many areas of the spine. This, in turn, maximizes the proper functioning of the central nervous system and the flow of blood and healing fluids. Issues such as neck and back pain, joint pain, wrist pain, headaches, knee pain, muscular imbalances and/or muscle spasms, even body coordination, can be corrected or healed by chiropractic adjustments by a knowledgeable practitioner like Dr. Eingorn.

Stress, poor nutrition, or lack of exercise can also impact your overall health by putting a strain on your immune system. Dr. Eingorn offers many additional treatment options that involve the rejuvenation of your body, including detoxification methods, activities for improved muscle tone, and methods of meditation and therapies that can help you regain your balance and become more centered. The positive effect this has on your energy, health, and quality of life cannot be overstated.

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For over 30 years Dr. Eingorn, a member of the Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Education Department, has studied and refined his techniques and treatments using chiropractic care, but also acupuncture, traditional yoga, laughter yoga, meditation and salt room treatments.

Dr. Eingorn practices state of the art chiropractic techniques that will do more than just eliminate pain and discomfort, they will restore your energy and help you regain your sense of well being. Better Health Chiropractic PC is a pioneer in this field, one of New York City’s first multidisciplinary health care centers. Call Dr. Alex Eingorn today, and get started on the road to health and wellness through excellent chiropractic care.