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The concept of excellent telehealth conferencing has been around for some time, but the time for modern telemedicine and long-distance patient care has come. The emergence of COVID-19 and social distancing has overwhelmed the current healthcare system. There is a complex network of rules and referrals, co-pays, and conditions, and it’s challenging for an average patient like you to know when it’s time to visit a practitioner or begin the healing process at home. Alex Eingorn, D.C., can help.

Alex Eingorn is a holistic practitioner with decades of training and experience in chiropractic care and holistic treatments. He is now offering video health consultation appointments so patients can discuss early symptoms and provide long-distance patient care online.

As a holistic practitioner, Eingorn understands not just isolated areas of the body, but the entire body, its systems, and organs and how they all impact each other. This is a new trend in medicine, people researching early symptoms online. However, this shouldn’t be conducted without professional help. Weeding through information with an expert like Eingorn is not only necessary, it’s critical.

What Our Patients Are Saying

“It was wonderful to video chat with Dr. Alex Eingorn, as if I visited his office. I was having severe back pain, and I was unable to walk or lift objects. My appointment was fantastic. He gave great instructions on what to do, resulting in me feeling better immediately. Well Done, Dr. Eingorn. It was great to video chat so I could explain and show him what was ailing me. As always, Dr. Eingorn has a resolution that immediately improved my back pain. I would recommend Dr. Eingorn because I think he is the best there is. His thoughtful listening and asking questions results in an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Eingorn has vast knowledge and experience to give to his patients, which results in optimal healing.” Courtney D.

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What are the Benefits of Telemedicine Consultations?

The ironic thing about traditional medicine is that when you are most vulnerable, it’s expected that you will drag yourself to an office to wait and be “seen.” How can you know for sure if the visit is necessary? Remote health consultations are not some wave of the future; they are here now and more essential than ever.

Alex Eingorn’s Better Telemedicine service offers health advice, health education, and online intervention and monitoring. These services are similar to those Eingorn has been providing to his patients for over two decades.

Better Telemedicine supports patients as they assess symptoms and decide whether to seek traditional treatment or begin holistic healing at home. Eingorn has in-depth knowledge of chiropractic care, holistic medicine, and Eastern medicine. From joint pain, stiffness, back pain, neck pain, and migraines to symptoms of illness, he can help you decide the next steps. With over twenty-five years of experience in chiropractic medicine, body alignment and movement, and holistic healing, a telehealth appointment with Alex Eingorn is a great place to start. A Better Telehealth appointment can also offer professional advice on the best way to build immunity and stay healthy, especially during this pandemic.

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After a series of diagnostic questions and listening to detailed descriptions of symptoms, Eingorn can determine the most likely root issue and offer expert advice, suggest specific stretches, exercises, yoga poses, or eastern medical treatments to try. Or, he may insist you seek traditional medical care. In many cases, Eingorn has saved patients from costly, painful, or potentially dangerous visits to a practitioner’s office.

During this current health scare, you need not make decisions about seeking in-person care without professional advice. To schedule a Better Health Telehealth appointment with Alex Eingorn, DC, call 646-553-1884.