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Pinched Nerves

The nerves of the body form an intricate web connecting the spine and the brain, and they are responsible for sending important messages to the body. When a nerve becomes pinched, discomfort can occur. According to Dr. Eingorn, it’s imperative that individuals not ignore arm pain, back pain, or other discomforts, as a pinched nerve in the leg or other location can lead to increasingly troubling issues and even permanent damage.

pinched nerve chiropractic explanation NYC
Pinched Nerve Chiropractic Explanation NYC – Dr. Alex Eingorn – Better Health Chiropractic

Dr. Eingorn provides treatment for a pinched nerve on a regular basis. Damage attributed to this issue can range from minor to severe and, as with most things, prompt diagnosis is key to providing relief and avoiding long-term damage.

Alex Eingorn D.C. has found that there are numerous causes for a nerve problem such as this. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that pinching of the nerves can occur due to something as simple as poor posture. Sitting in an awkward position for an extended period of time can be inevitable in our largely sedentary, office atmosphere. However, it’s also true that something as simple as this can lead to significant pressure on the nerves, causing severe discomfort and even damage if not addressed.

chiropractic adjustment pinched nerve neck NYC
Chiropractic Adjustment for a Pinched Nerve in the Neck

For the most part, nerves are at the greatest risk of damage when they are present in small spaces with minimal surrounding tissue. Nerves located near bone, tendons, and ligaments are often the most at risk. Dr. Eingorn has found the spine in particular to be a common location for pinched nerves. Disc herniations, which consist of the discs leaking fluid from their inside out, lead to pressure on the surrounding nerves. This can lead to sciatica and other forms of nerve discomfort that can be quite debilitating. While originating near the spine, this can lead to symptoms in the fingers, wrists, hands, and elbows.

Dr. Eingorn provides his patients with quick, effective diagnoses and therapies, when needed. By so doing, he is better able to address disc herniations and pinched nerves quickly so that they do not lead to further issues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and scarring.

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How Dr. Eingorn Treats Pinched Nerves

Therapy from Dr. Eingorn has the potential to assist in relieving symptoms due to pinching of the nerves. At your initial appointment, Dr. Eingorn will take the time to provide a comprehensive evaluation in order to determine the cause and location of the discomfort. After determining whether the discomfort is due to bulging discs, herniations, or some other malady, the next step is to determine the proper therapy.

Dr. Eingorn has had great success with the use of spinal adjustment and decompression, which consists of the gentle, gradual manipulation of the spine in order to realign the vertebrae, relieve pressure and promote healing. Far superior to invasive options for a number of reasons, this therapy has been shown to effectively treat herniations and other issues that affect the nerves so as to encourage lasting relief and prevention of additional nerve damage down the road.

Another treatment that Dr. Eingorn utilizes in his practice is binaural meditation, a soothing method that has been shown to calm the body and mind and reduce nerve pain when used correctly. When it comes to using quality, holistic methods and cutting-edge technology, few providers rival Dr. Eingorn. His integrative approach to medicine has made him a highly sought after chiropractor and one to whom many patients have turned for effective, long-term relief.

pinched nerve chiropractic consultation NYC
New Patient Consultation for Neck Pain from a Pinched Nerve NYC – Dr. Alex Eingorn NYC

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As a chiropractic provider with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Eingorn is well-versed in treating a number of issues, from a pinched nerve in the neck to back discomfort. He offers his patients an integrative approach that combines modern technology with traditional holistic methods in order to form an effective, all-natural therapy that yields real results.

Not only are his therapies effective at combating shoulder and upper back pain, but his caring and compassionate approach has made his practice one of the most comfortable and welcoming chiropractic practices in NYC. He believes in working closely both with his patients as well as their primary care providers to ensure that he is offering the best possible therapies and that he does all he can to safeguard the overall health and wellness of each individual.

If you’re interested in pursuing all-natural therapies for your musculoskeletal discomfort, look no further than the practice of Dr. Eingorn. To schedule a consultation, give us a call today.