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Joint Rehabilitation and Joint Pain

As one ages, some extra aches and pains are almost expected. After all, if one spends a considerable amount of time playing contact sports or performing manual labor, consistent wear and tear on the joints is inevitable. So what can be done about it? At Better Health Chiropractic, Dr. Alex Eingorn offers patients joint rehabilitation as a solution to pain, swelling, and stiffness. In fact, many of his patients remark on his ability to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place.

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Joint Rehabilitation NYC – Joint Pain and Rehabilitation New York

When it comes to joint issues, no problem has more notoriety than arthritis, a condition that affects over fifty million Americans. What you might not know, however, is that there are many types of arthritis that can affect individuals of all ages. While most people think of arthritis as a problem that causes chronic pain, it’s also important to note that it can cause permanent damage to the joints as well. This is largely why Dr. Eingorn makes treatment of arthritis such a priority at his practice.

While there are over a hundred types of arthritis, the following are the three most common types:

Osteoarthritis – occurs when the cartilage in the joints wears down and the bones become exposed to rubbing and grinding

Rheumatoid arthritis – inflammatory arthritis that can be either environmental or genetic

Infectious arthritis – inflammation caused by a virus, fungus or bacteria

Dr. Eingorn has extensive experience treating numerous types of arthritis and has had great success using all-natural care in order to ease symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. Prior to treatment, Dr. Eingorn will evaluate the symptoms and then work with you to develop an effective treatment plan. Through the use of a healthy diet and gentle, safe exercises, Dr. Eingorn has helped countless patients to reduce their discomfort and experience renewed joint health and vitality.

While arthritis is the most common, Alex Eingorn D.C. also has experience addressing other causes of joint pain as well, including:

Facet pain – caused by sublimated joints and subsequent compression of the spinal nerves

Sacroiliac pain – often caused by injury and even pregnancy, this discomfort is due to misalignment of the sacroiliac joint

Temporomandibular pain – caused by dislocation of the hinge joints of the jaw either due to injury or clenching of the teeth

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How Does Dr. Eingorn Rehabilitate Joints?

When a patient comes in looking for treatment for joint pain, Dr. Eingorn will begin by looking at the medical history of the patient and conducting a physical exam. Typically, this will be all that is necessary for Alex Eingorn to be able to diagnose the issue. However, there are times where additional blood tests or imaging may be necessary. Localized shoulder pain or back pain can be a big indicator of an existing problem, so Dr. Eingorn makes sure to speak to you extensively about your symptoms so as to better diagnose the issue, whether it be injury or arthritis.

Once Dr. Eingorn has identified the problem, the appropriate chiropractic treatment can be determined. What that treatment will largely depend upon the type of pain being experienced. In many cases, Dr. Eingorn finds that spine alignment is often the cause of discomfort as it can affect one’s gait and mobility, thus causing additional wear on the joints. By performing a non-surgical chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Eingorn is able to provide pain relief as well as correct the underlying issue that is leading to excessive wear on the joints.

Dr. Eingorn utilizes chiropractic therapy as a means of treating herniations and similar issues before they become so severe as to drastically limit a person’s range of motion and abilities. Whether used alone or in conjunction with other therapies, patients of Dr. Eingorn have remarked on the amazing results they’ve enjoyed while receiving his decompression treatments.

Dr, Eingorn assists patients in ridding their body of herniations and other spinal issues that so often lead to pain and discomfort. This computerized tool is able to target the specific vertebra, isolate it, and gradually push and pull the spine so as to reduce inflammation and encourage healthy fluid flow and healing.

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Joint Pain Rehabilitation NYC – New Patient Consultation with Dr. Eingorn

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As a chiropractor in NYC who specializes in treating joint pain and similar issues, Dr. Eingorn is eager to assist his patients in obtaining relief from their discomfort. Whether knee pain or back pain, Dr. Eingorn understands that discomfort can be limiting and can affect many areas of your life. With his state-of-the-art treatments and his commitment to providing a warm and welcoming office atmosphere, we’re confident that you’ll feel at home from your first visit to your last.

Don’t wait to receive the care you need. Instead, give the office of Dr. Eingorn a call today to speak to a member of his staff about scheduling an appointment. For faster responses and appointment scheduling, please give our clinic a call during normal business hours.

Holistic healing with Dr. Eingorn at Better Health Chiropractic PC encompasses more than simply addressing the symptoms of pain. Learn more about mindfulness and the connection to lasting health.