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Mindfulness is making its way into every industry from self-help and education to business leadership. The core ideas behind mindfulness are not only solid, they may save us from the effects of stress. Dr. Alex Eingorn at Better Health Chiropractic, is fully trained in teaching mindfulness meditation, as well as being a healing chiropractor.

Stress is on the rise and is robbing us of our peace of mind, clear thinking and physical health. Alex Eingorn, D.C., has explored how to practice mindfulness from a number of experts and is bringing this important health practice and its benefits into his chiropractic care. Mindfulness goes hand in hand with chiropractic care because stress is often a primary cause of pain and discomfort in the back, in our shoulders, our necks, arms legs, even our joints.

mindfulness sessions in New York with Dr. A;ex Eingorn
Mindfulness Sessions in New York – Dr. Alex Eingorn – Better Health Chiropractic

Patients of Dr. Eingorn arrive for regular chiropractic adjustments and find relief. However, if stress is rampant in their lives, it won’t be long before the pain and discomfort returns. Dr. Eingorn is proud to offer mindfulness meditation training and mindfulness exercises that will help his patients reduce stress in their lives and meet life’s many challenges with grace and good health.

Mindfulness requires training where you learn how to live in a constant, somewhat passive state of attention. You live with a full awareness of your breathing, your sensations and your thoughts. The main difference between this practice and meditation is that the the goal of mindfulness is to be always in the present moment and react to things in a healthy way.

Mindfulness has been known to reduce “rumination,” the unhealthy practice of thoughts that constantly revisit a certain mindset or issue. Many of us live thinking too often about past negative experiences. Others constantly fret about possible future events. While rumination can be negative or positive, the default to negative is the most common and the most damaging to your health.

The practice of mindfulness is to be aware of all that is going on at any given moment, in a calm and passive way. This practice, which eliminates rumination, helps us live a healthier life, which is why Dr. Eingorn offers mindfulness training in his practice.

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How Does Dr. Eingorn Use Mindfulness with Patients?

When practicing mindfulness, the brain emits “theta” waves, rather than “alpha” waves. Alpha waves, which are produced during meditation, are associated with putting the body, mind and spirit into a state of relaxation. Theta waves, on the other hand, put you in a calm state of “readiness.” Mindfulness is when we train ourselves to move through the day with that alert sense of readiness to respond, but in a calm, healthy way.

Stress, although it was designed to help humans survive when under threat, has morphed into a constant state of being for many of us, which is doing incredible damage to our health. When humans are under threat we produce a hormone, cortisol. This prepares the body for fight or flight. The proper amount of cortisol helps us regulate our systems properly. However, as the world has evolved, we often respond to challenges with heightened fight or flight responses every day. This triggers the secretion of too much cortisol. Our bodies can’t keep up with the process of eliminating it.

When researchers studied the PET scans of chiropractic patients after a treatment, they saw positive changes in brain activity and lower levels of cortisol. Dr. Eingorn began to realize that chiropractic adjustments will be less effective if the patient cannot manage stressful situations once they leave his office. His mindfulness training helps patients manage their stress and cortisol production, and supports them as they maintain the positive effects of a chiropractic treatment.

Mindfulness Session - Mindfulness Training with Dr. Eingorn
Mindfulness Session – Mindfulness Training with Dr. Eingorn

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Dr. Eingorn helps patients achieve not just spinal health, but excellent health overall by reducing stress and cortisol production. His mindfulness techniques will help you react from a calm yet alert state, every day, no matter what. This contributes to physical and mental health and helps you combat aging, illness and cognitive and mental decline.

Mindfulness training is a perfect companion service to chiropractic care, because it contributes to a healthier spine. When you reduce the stress you experience better posture, more freedom of physical movement, and the proper spinal alignment. You can reduce the damaging reactions to stress in the spine, the command center for the central nervous system.

Schedule a mindfulness training session today with Dr. Eingorn by calling 212-956-5920. In a few short weeks, you will experience greater health overall and a deeper sense of well being. Change your life for the better and live longer, thanks to Better Health Chiropractic.