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What is Guided Meditation?

Despite the term being used freely, meditation is still widely a misunderstood term and a less understood practice. This is a shame because if practiced properly, it can change our health, and life, for the better.

True meditation goes beyond imagining something that gives us peace. That’s a temporary fix not likely to elicit much change once you move on with daily life

Guided Meditation for Health - Better Health Chiropractic
Guided Meditation for Health – Better Health Chiropractic

Dr. Alex Eingorn is a chiropractor and medical doctor who believes in healing his patients, but using holistic techniques to help them stay healed. Too often he has witnessed patients experience tremendous healing, only to return five or six weeks later because stress and anxiety have affected their bodies to such a degree that they are right back where they started. He doesn’t want that kind of repeat business.

This is why Alex Eingorn D.C. at Better Health Chiropractic PC is offering meditation training for patients in addition to their excellent chiropractic care. Dr. Eingorn has discovered the power of meditation as a healing agent and is training patients who have a desire to better manage the stress in their lives and experience true relief from anxiety without drugs.

True meditation trains you to become more aware and gain an observant, healthy perspective on circumstances, even if they are challenging circumstances. You also learn how to better respond physically to stress. Then you learn to sustain that perspective and behavior throughout the day, every day.

It’s true that fear can be helpful for our survival and a slight anxiety thinking through a negative future scenario might help us plan, but overall we are not intended to live fully in those negative emotions. Meditation is a comprehensive behavioral practice that can change your life, health, and spiritual well being, all for the better.

With Dr. Eingorn’s help you can learn to achieve a “thoughtless awareness,” at all times. Far too often we spend our thought life mired in a past we cannot change or fretting about a future we cannot determine. This can end if you learn his meditation technique and practice it consistently for better physical and mental health.

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How Does Dr. Eingorn Use Meditation in the Practice?

True meditation goes far beyond breathing exercises or striking some kind of physical pose. While these can help you calm down and stretch, meditation goes deeper and is more sustainable.

guided mediation for Health New York
Guided Meditation for Health New York 0 Dr. Alex Eingorn – Better Health Chiropractic

Meditation benefits your physical health. When you consistently practice meditation in the right way, you create new parasympathetic pathways and train your system to react with an alert yet a calm state, all throughout the day, every day. Stress hormones can wreak havoc on our bodies by wearing down our immune systems, causing inflammation, and triggering serious conditions like high blood pressure, increased heart rate and other disease-causing conditions.

Dr. Eingorn has been studying meditation techniques and practicing meditation in his own life for health and healing for over two decades. By studying his meditation techniques his patients have learned to identify unhealthy thought patterns that have become entrenched and carve out more positive approaches that lead to physical and mental health. Your mind and body will not need to produce as much cortisol or other stress hormones, which means less wear and tear on your system.

You can be alert, effective in the moment, all day every day. You can become an effective and creative problem solver without suffering from anger or malice. You can become someone who confronts others with a calm, caring demeanor, while still standing your ground and being heard. You can sleep better, eat better and begin to live a life where stress and negativity is managed as you move on and live your life with a deep sense of well being.

guided mediation NYC
Guided Mediation NYC – Mediation for Health New York NY – Dr. Alex Eingorn

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Dr. Eingorn has been a practicing chiropractor for over 30 years and has helped thousands of patients maintain spinal health. As the most central system, the spine provides all of the structure to our physical body, and when aligned properly, keeps the central nervous system humming at the right level.

However, too often stress reactions can cause issues in the spine. We hunch our shoulders and neck, we grind our teeth when we sleep, we don’t hold a good posture because we are depressed. There are any number of ways that chiropractic care can help alleviate conditions stress can cause. However, meditation can ensure that stress does not affect us any longer, and saves us the need to seek medical help.

Call Dr. Eingorn today to register for meditation training and learn more about how it can help you minimize the effects of stress on your life and health. Call today at 212-956-5920.