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Aligning the Back and Spine

The human spine is made up of 33 bones, all stacked and working together like a well-oiled machine to provide the main support for our bodies. But, just like a machine, if one small part fails or goes out of alignment, the entire mechanism no longer functions efficiently.

woman holding back needing to have her spine aligned
Spine Alignment New York NY - Better Health Chiropractic PC

The spine is the body’s core. It is surrounded by muscle and bone, and tendons and ligaments, all designed to be flexible to adapt to whatever the spine does. Also surrounding the spine are thousands of sensitive nerve endings that contribute to the health of the spine and are part of a large and sophisticated central nervous system.

If you stand and view yourself from the side, there is a natural curvature to the spine. Because of its shape and construction, the spine is a marvel that helps us keep our balance and gives our limbs a nice wide range of motion. The curves of the spine can even absorb shocks to our system, like a coil.

When you picture the spine in this way, in all its complexity, it’s not hard to see how one small misalignment could cause problems. Just like a set of gears, even one minor part being out of alignment can grind the system down. You can experience muscle strain, sharp pain signals from nerves being compressed, even joint stiffness can result in a part of the spine being out of position.

This is why taking good care of our spines is so important. And yet, it tends to be one of the most overlooked aspects of our health.

When we stand, we sit, bend,and twist and walk, we usually don’t have to think about it too much. Until something goes out of place. Then suddenly, the spine we took for granted gets our attention. If you have ever suffered from back pain or migraines triggered by a stiff neck or tense upper spine, you understand the pain involved from having a spine that’s out of whack. You are also probably seeking answers about what to do about it. Seeing Dr. Eingorn, is the answer.

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Why is Spinal Alignment Important?

Understanding the critical role the spine plays in your health is important. Better Health Chiropractic PC has become a trusted source of preventive and holistic treatment for hundreds of people across New York City. Dr. Alex Eingorn is a physician and a 30-year veteran of chiropractic care. He is a nationally known expert in the alignment of the spine but is also a compassionate, professional chiropractor that offers individualized care to every patient.

When patients have spines that are not aligned correctly, they can experience a wide range of symptoms, including but not limited to dizziness or balance problems, spinal muscle spasms, tightness or weakness, reduction in spinal mobility, pain, numbness or tingling in the extremities, joint pain, tenderness or stiffness.

Alex Eingorn, D.C., offers the kind of chiropractic adjustment and spine alignment known to eliminate back pain, neck pain, and the many other symptoms that occur when the spine is not aligned properly.

There are more problems rooted in the spine than you know. In all, there are 33 bones, and 35 pairs of spinal nerves, all connecting and influencing almost every other part of the body. The spine is central to other complex systems and serves to protect the spinal cord, which is central to the nervous system. The spine is something to take extra special care of. And yet, many of us don’t, and we pay dearly.

Mind, body, and soul are interconnected when it comes to your health. Dr. Eingorn guides his patients into making the connection between their mind, their spirit, and their body, all working together to achieve health in your systems and organs, and leading you to a sustaining sense of well being. Dr. Alex Eingorn is a fully licensed medical doctor, who believes that holistic, preventative medicine can work alongside traditional medicine to keep his patients healthy and whole.

How Does Dr. Eingorn Align the Spine?

Based on the initial consultation, patient history and physical exam, including palpation, Dr. Eingorn decides on the type of adjustment needed. Describe different types of adjustments. Stress that care is based on the individual’s needs, not a particular technique. He has been doing this for 30 years.

Dr. Eingorn aligns the patient's lower back and spine
Spinal Alignment NYC - Better Health Chiropractic PC

The flexibility of the muscles surrounding the spine allows for our flexibility in general. However, when bones or discs shift out of place, our muscles mal-adapt, causing muscle strain, stiffness, and pain. This can also cause a lack of proper blood flow throughout the entire body. Some common symptoms of poor spinal alignment are frequent headaches or migraines, a tingling sensation in your extremities, like your fingers, insomnia, digestive trouble, chronic fatigue, and even depression.

With over thirty years of experience diagnosing back and spine problems, Dr. Eingorn has an amazing gift, an ability to quickly identify specific root causes of troubling issues specific to you and your body. If the condition is related to your spine being out of alignment, Dr. Eingorn will make a few targeted adjustments, and your body will be able to do its job and heal itself.

During treatment, you likely hear those popping noise, known as cavitation. This is the sound of space being created in the joint as it goes back into place. Once adjusted space is once again filled with the fluids that keep the joints flexible and blood can flow properly to surrounding muscles, tissues, and organs, so that they can quickly heal.

Depending on the severity of the issue, relief may take a few days or a couple of visits, but his patients can attest that they do find health and healing with Dr. Eingorn.

Spinal Adjustment Consultation with Dr. Eingorn - Better Health Chiropractic PC
Spinal Adjustment Consultation with Dr. Eingorn - Better Health Chiropractic PC

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As an experienced chiropractor, Dr. Eingorn understands that the spine is of central importance, and at the core of a healthy body. His goal is to help his patients have a healthy spine, great circulation, an energetic and efficient body that allows them to enjoy life to its fullest. This, in turn, leads to a positive outlook and a healthy mind.

Dr. Eingorn is a caring physician who believes that holistic, chiropractic care should be the first line of defense for the conditions the body that causes stiffness, pain or disease. Any condition that causes the kind of trouble that ruins your free mobility or quality of life can likely be eased by a chiropractic adjustment from this caring, compassionate doctor. His one goal is for his patients is that they achieve, and continue to live with, excellent health and a sense of well being.

Call today for a consultation with this experienced and caring physician and chiropractor, who will work as holistically as possible to restore your health. The number to call is 212-956-5920.