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Dr. Alex Eingorn provides chiropractic services at Better Health Chiropractic in New York, NY. Dr. Eingorn’s holistic philosophy includes mind-body medicine. In this short interview Dr. Eingorn explains exactly what this means.

Q: What is mind-body therapy?

A: Mind-body medicine has been a big topic of discussion especially within the last 15 to 20 years. We are now starting to understand and realize that the mind is actually connected to the body. Anything that happens in the body is controlled by the mind or the brain. Mind-body medicine or mind-body healing looks at how good the connection is between your mind and your body.

For example, if you’re constantly stressed out in your mind and you have an injury, your injuries aren’t going to heal as readily as when your mind is more calm, more connected, and more healthy in terms of your psyche and your everyday activity. Mind-body medicine looks at the connection between the mind and the body and tries to integrate the two together so they can work in harmony.

Q: How do you use mind-body therapy in the practice?

A: We use mind-body therapy in our practice all the time. Primarily it becomes apparent to us usually during the first interview whether the patient’s mind is actually connected to their body or not.

The patient comes in and says, “I don’t care what it is Doc, just fix it” isn’t going to do it, because I’m not going to fix anything. It’s the patient’s own inner doctor, according to Dr. Schweitzer at least, will do that. We need to make sure that the patient’s first of all aware of what’s going on.

Part of the process of what we do is actually education and having the patient ask the tough questions that they normally wouldn’t think of themselves. Only through that process we can actually reconnect the mind and the body and initiate the proper healing processes that need to take place in the patient’s condition.

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