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How is Mind Body Therapy Related to Health Care?

Dr. Eingorn is a chiropractor who believes in providing his patients with comprehensive care that addresses both the mind and body. The concept of connecting mind and body in a single therapy is an old one, and one that centers around the belief that both are inextricably connected to form one whole. Essentially, Alex Eingorn D.C. believes that physical illness can be caused and compounded by not just the physical body, but also the mind as well. In other words, caring for the mind is just as important to overall health.

mind body therapy NYC
Mind Body Therapy NYC – Mind Body Therapy with Dr. Alex Eingorn

This form of therapy Dr. Eingorn offers revolves around techniques that are used in order to help the individual attain both happiness and improved physical health. There are several tenets of this philosophy and therapy that Dr. Alex Eingorn teaches his patients. The most important of these are the following:

1. The body and mind are parts of a single system. In fact, doctors have successfully isolated a neuropeptide that has been linked to the carrying of emotion and information throughout the body. It is these molecules that are responsible for creating attraction, beliefs, and feelings.

2. The heart is the means by which we combat a disease. Dr. Eingorn believes that it is our spirit and passion that drives our health and that illness and health are not external issues, but are deeply connected to our humanity.

3. Deep psychological pain can be manifested in physical illness.

4. Therapy that incorporates feelings can heal this pain.

The mind-body practices offered by Dr. Eingorn are designed to tap into and better understand those hurts and pains that have been plaguing us, whether they be two days or twenty years old. These issues don’t just dissipate as we age. In fact, holding on to them for an extended period of time is what Dr. Eingorn believes can cause a myriad of unwanted physical side effects. Addressing these problems and processing them correctly has been shown to help many of his patients to experience real relief.

More studies are being conducted all the time to further demonstrate the efficacy of decompression treatments, but there is no denying that Alex Eingorn D.C. has been able to utilize these therapies to better serve his patients. His personalized, detailed treatments have helped countless individuals to bid farewell to unwanted musculoskeletal pain and, instead, embrace the improved range of motion and overall health.

Dr. Eingorn is unique among his peers in that he aims to combine both the technology and advancements of modern medicine and techniques as well as traditional, all-natural methods. His decompression treatments utilize cutting-edge medical advancements and up to date chiropractic techniques that have been shown to be highly effective at providing lasting results to those in need of musculoskeletal therapy.

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How Does Dr. Eingorn Use Mind Body Therapy with Patients?

At Better Health Chiropractic, Dr. Eingorn utilizes an integrative approach in order to help patients to address their personal concerns and bolster their resilience and strength. The purpose of these techniques is to create a healthier partnership between a patient’s mind and body so as to enable patients to better manage any stress and create a better, more healthy life for themselves.

Mind Body Therapy NYC with Dr. Eingorn
Mind Body Therapy in New York with Dr. Alex Eingorn

Dr. Eingorn understands that self-defeating behavior is all too common and can leave you feeling defeated and overwhelmed. When this occurs, it can seem almost impossible not to get into an endless loop of stressors and other problems that can not only affect your mental health but your physical health as well.

Through the use of personalized treatment plans and integrative psychotherapy, Dr. Eingorn is able to promote self-exploration in his patients that have been shown to provide many benefits. With his mind-body practices, Dr. Eingorn can identify the underlying causes of current concerns, determine existing factors that may be exacerbating the problem, and help individuals to become more aware of their minds and psychological needs and worries. Once patients become more aware of their pain and its triggers, they can begin to gain courage and a greater understanding of how to heal.

The integrative care offered by Dr. Eingorn can be a phenomenal step towards healing, and he encourages patients to make it their goal to attain a happier, less stressful attitude toward life. He’s found that by encouraging patients to focus on mental and emotional improvements, he can better help those same patients improve their physical wellbeing.

Mind Body Therapy NYC - Dr. Alex Eingorn
Mind Body Therapy NYC at Better Health Chiropractic PC with Alex Eingorn, D.C.

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If you’re looking for a provider in NYC who is eager to assist you in finding the healing you need for both mind and body, look no further than Dr. Eingorn at Better Health Chiropractic. For nearly thirty years, Dr. Eingorn has been focused on helping his patients to live their best life and to experience real healing that lasts.

Whether you’re new to the concept of holistic care or you’re looking for a new provider, we believe you can’t go wrong with the warm and welcoming practice and top-notch care that Dr. Eingorn has to offer. To learn more about his practice or to schedule a new patient consultation at the office, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. For quicker service and faster scheduling, please give us a call during normal office hours.